The process of English teaching


    This chapter contains background, the aim of the study, the research questions, significance of the study and organization of the paper.


  1. Background of the research.
English is learned in every stage in national education system started from junior high school up to the university as a compulsory subject which student must take English. Now English is also learned since elementary school as local content.
The government guarantees everyone to get education, one of the guarantee rights is to get education as explained in 1945 constitutions chapter XIII article 31, says that : ” every citizen deserves to get education “.
Besides, many countries have used English as their first, second and official language. In Indonesia, English is as foreign language. Nowadays there is an indication that the importance of foreign languages especially English becomes more appreciated. The primary motive of mastering English is to provide means of communication.
Recently, the education in Indonesia has enrolled the English subject in elementary school as a “mulok” (local content) although it is not the main subject. However it is one of the important subjects. In this case English is a base especially for the students who will continue their study to a higher level. It will help the students to follow learning English activity in junior high school. But the problem is there is not correlation effort of school, competence of teacher, and the students’ need.
The research site of this study is at SDN Cikalang I which taken English as one of subjects. The curriculum used in SDN Cikalang I still uses curriculum 2004 or based on students’ centered because of limited knowledge. Sometimes the teacher chooses the simple materials that can make easy students to understand the materials. It also happens that the teacher applies some strategies to teach English to students. It can be evaluated whether the strategies have been very effective or not to students.
According to the explanation above, the researcher wants to know the process of English teaching in the sixth grade at SDN Cikalang I. As many researchers found that a good teaching and learning process should interact between a teacher and his or her students both inside and outside the classroom. Here the students as active learners and the teacher as a facilitator and motivator in the process of teaching and learning.
So, at the end the researcher wants to find out an alternative of teaching learning English model which has orientation based on the students’ need.


  1. The aims of the study.
    The study has aims as follows:
    1. To find the teacher ‘strategies in teaching English at SDN Cikalang I and to identify students’ activities in the classroom.
    2. To identify some factors which influence on the effectiveness of the
    teaching-learning process.


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